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Target Adds Three New Sortation Centers in Denver, Colorado, and Chicago, Illinois

Target Adds Three New Sortation Centers in Denver, Colorado, and Chicago, Illinois

Monday, August 8th, 2022

Retailers nationwide are thinking of expansion with the shopper in mind. With three new sortation centers under its belt, Target expands its facility network to make delivery more efficient, cut down on shipping costs, and power speedier deliveries for customers.

These new sortation centers serve as the next phase of Target’s stores-as-hubs strategy. A recent blog post noted that the sortation centers take orders packed in local stores and sort them quickly and efficiently for local deliveries, a key element of the retailer’s operation as its digital sales have risen nearly $13 billion from 2019 to 2021.

Two of these centers will be in the greater Chicago area and the other one will be in the Denver metro region.

Target is adding three new sortation centers to its operations next year, with two in the greater Chicago area and the other in the Denver metro region

“...Rather than team members managing, packing, and sorting packages in a store’s backroom, sortation centers take on the sorting process, saving our store teams time and space so they can fulfill more orders and reach guests faster at a lower delivery cost for us,” the company stated in the post. “Plus, sortation centers allow our teams to easily scale to fulfill a growing number of orders and consolidating orders and batching deliveries adds ease for our carriers. And we do it all while staying focused on serving our guests no matter how they choose to shop with us.”

Target currently has six existing sortation centers across the country.

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