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Tillamook Launches New Summer Flavors

Tillamook Launches New Summer Flavors

Monday, June 10th, 2019

While my grandpa and I don’t see eye to eye on a lot these days, we do agree that Tillamook ice cream is the only way to end the day. And it’s not just because every flavor in its expansive line is delicious. As one of the West Coast’s preeminent dairy producers, Tillamook is a guiding force across all of its products’ categories—and ice cream is no exception. With a few crowd favorites returning and seasonal creations making their debut, Tillamook is once again heading into prime ice cream season with exactly why it is known as a leader of the dairy pack.

I chatted with Amy Shoemaker, Category Manager – Ice Cream, to learn more about Tillamook’s new summer flavors and to try to get to the bottom of just why its ice cream line is a universal peace keeper. Hint: it might have everything to do with its Dairy Done Right standards.

Amy Shoemaker, Category Manager – Ice Cream, Tillamook“We are releasing three new flavors: Birthday Cake, Blood Orange Cream, and Chocolate Cherry Fudge, with the last two only gracing store shelves this summer. Birthday Cake is actually a twist on Grandma’s Cake Batter, an old fan favorite. We updated it to meet our Dairy Done Right standards, eliminating any artificial colors, flavors, or high fructose corn syrup,” Amy shared with me. “It was not only a way to appeal to our fans who missed Grandma’s Cake Batter, but also an example of a classic flavor done better, which is what Tillamook stands for. Tillamook isn’t the first brand to offer Birthday Cake ice cream, but we think we’re offering the best version of this classic flavor.”

Tillamook's new Birthday Cake flavor is actually a twist on Grandma’s Cake Batter, which is an old fan favorite

Tillamook’s take on the iconic flavor simply features sweet cake batter ice cream, real yellow cake pieces, and crispy colorful sprinkles colored from beets and turmeric—all of which fall under Tillamook’s six Dairy Done Right standards:

  • A dedication to farmers over shareholders
  • Doing things the right way, not the easy way
  • Valuing purpose over profit
  • Prioritizing core values over compromise
  • Aging products with time, not shortcuts
  • Making products with the best quality milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones

“Over time, the quality of options available to use that comply with our Dairy Done Right standards improved, thanks to consumer demand. Tillamook has always had great tasting ice cream, but we realized a few years ago that we could do more to provide a cleaner ingredient panel. We returned to a natural stabilizer, egg yolks, and removed artificial colors and flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and ingredients with names you wouldn’t recognize as real food,” Amy explained. “Some flavors, like Grandma’s Cake Batter, were unfortunately discontinued since we could not reformulate them to meet our standards for great tasting ice cream that is also dairy done right.”

Tillamook's exclusive seasonal flavors, Blood Orange Cream and Chocolate Cherry Fudge, are only available this summer

In addition to Birthday Cake, Blood Orange Cream—a rich vanilla ice cream with a decadent blood orange ripple—and Chocolate Cherry Fudge—a smooth chocolate ice cream with a ripple of rich fudge and ripe pieces of sweet cherries—join Tillamook’s lineup as the summer’s seasonal flavors.

“With our seasonal offerings, we look to provide flavors that are on-trend but still classic. Blood orange is having a moment right now, but orange and cream is also a nostalgic flavor combination that is sure to remind you of summer. Plus, the tartness of the blood orange ripple is the perfect complement to our Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream. As far as we know, we’re the only blood orange ice cream currently available,” Amy revealed. “And Chocolate Cherry Fudge was an opportunity to deliver another classic flavor combination that we felt was lacking in our portfolio—chocolate and cherries.”

Tillamook—bringing families together every summer since 1909 thanks to innovative flavors and high quality standards! Look for Tillamook’s latest ice cream flavors on store shelves now. To stay in the know on the latest products coming down the pipeline from deli, dairy, bakery, and specialty foods companies, keep reading Deli Market News.