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Tony Sarsam Discusses Borden Dairy Refresh

Tony Sarsam Discusses Borden Dairy Refresh

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

There’s a lot of noise on the wire about how to make your company stand apart, and not all of it is meant to work for every single brand. For Borden Dairy and its rebrand, the company already knew what it took to stand out: an identity that the team articulated as the Borden Difference. In the ensuing months, the Borden Difference became a little bit more: a rebrand of Elsie the Cow, a new campaign, and a chance to show the world what Borden Dairy is all about. I spoke to Tony Sarsam, CEO, to learn a bit more.

Tony Sarsam, CEO, Borden Dairy“The marketing team went right to work trying to understand what Borden meant to consumers,” Tony explained to me. “What came forth was a great love for Elsie and how she stood for joy, optimism, and an important market of trust.”

The beloved spokescow is now front and center in the company’s branding, and her happy smile helps promote Borden’s campaign “The Glass Half Full,” which speaks to being optimistic about the future—an idea Tony is all too familiar with.

“There’s still a terrific growth in dairy and if the whole category is not growing as fast as it once did, then we’re finding a way to offer consumers the types of options they’re asking for so that we can grow with them,” he said.

One of the ways in which Borden continues to grow is by developing new products, such as its high-protein milks, lactose-free milks, and cane sugar chocolate milk, and ready-made dips.

“We’re listening to the consumer and trying to develop ideas that both provide the functional benefits they’re asking for while still bringing fun back into the category. That’s central to who we are,” he remarked.

Continuing its optimistic streak, the company also made Forbes’ list of Most Reputable Companies, ranking 16th out of 2000.

“This is largely attached to how great this company is,” Tony shared. “It really speaks to the power of the brand.”

To continue to learn more of Borden Dairy’s growth in the dairy sector, keep reading Deli Market News.

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