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Veroni's Emanuela Bigi Talks Charcuterie Offerings, New Packaging, and More

Veroni's Emanuela Bigi Talks Charcuterie Offerings, New Packaging, and More

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

The enduring popularity of charcuterie boards has yet to wane, and producers like Veroni have certainly added to the meal’s staying power. With a wide range of product lines, the provider has plenty to offer any shopper curious about charcuterie.

Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager, Veroni“Over the last few years, we have seen a growing interest in the grab-and-go products range since consumers choose them as an option for an easy, quick-to-prepare lunchbox,” Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager, detailed. “Veroni offers solutions that combine our authentic Italian cured meats with cheese, olives, dried fruits, or breadsticks in different formats for various occasions.”

The various formats take inspiration from the typical Italian ritual of aperitivo. This is an after-work tradition for Italians as a way to mingle, relax with friends, and indulge in a light meal and some cocktails.

Veroni brings the Italian experience of aperitivo to American consumers with its many convenient offerings“We wanted to bring this beloved experience to life for Americans, combining Italian charcuterie with typical aperitivo food pairings and products that meet local consumers’ preferences,” Emanuela adds. “Our product guarantee is that we bring Italian-made deli meats into the United States which are sliced and packaged at the local facility to preserve their flavors and aromas.”

An example would be the Antipasto Italiano Line, a section of fine cured meats that include Salame Milano, Salame Calabrese, Salame di Parma, and Prosciutto Italiano, paired with complementary cheeses. The easy-to-open packaging is pre-portioned and ready-to-eat, which makes them perfect for preparing antipasto platters.

For a larger choice, there is also the Party Tray Line, which includes five Italian-style charcuterie in sustainable paper packaging.

The success of Veroni's charcuterie offerings have been highlighted in successful campaignsTo further build on the aperitivo theme, Emanuela reflects on the success of a previous line.

“In 2020, we launched the AperiTime Line: four ready-to-share charcuterie boards. One of the four features Veroni’s imported Italian Prosciutto and Salame paired with Provolone cheese, olives, and breadsticks—the classic ingredients of an aperitivo,” Emanuela notes. “They come in a practical, ready-to-share tray that contains 6 oz of product. Last year, we introduced new packaging for the entire line. They’re now rectangular to optimize shelf space.”

For those interested in a balanced break, Veroni also offers its Veroni Snack Line. These products include cured meats paired with Provolone cheese, breadsticks, and dried fruit. You can enjoy these fresh and healthy options anywhere you’d like, such as at the office, school, after your workouts, or just walking around.

Deli Market News will continue to dive deeper into Veroni’s operations, so stay tuned!