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Volpi Foods' Deanna Depke Discusses Survey Insights on Consumer Trends

Volpi Foods' Deanna Depke Discusses Survey Insights on Consumer Trends

Monday, March 21st, 2022

Staying ahead of the curve in our industry means being constantly aware of evolving consumer trends, and how those trends shape demand at retail. One company implementing this data into its strategies is Volpi Foods, which recently deployed a survey to 2,000 respondents representative of the United States general population to better understand shopping behaviors.

Deanna Depke, Marketing Manager, Volpi Foods“We believe that the future growth of charcuterie will be through tapping into the next generation’s emerging needs,” said Marketing Manager Deanna Depke. “To keep on-pulse with how they approach food products, what convenience looks like for them, and ultimately how they decide to add items to their cart, we continually reach out to gather insights from the market. This study is an example of one of the ways Volpi continually drives discussion with consumers.”

As revealed by the survey, 39 percent of respondents reported purchasing a charcuterie item in the last 30 dates, with rates rising to 43 percent amongst Millennial and Gen Z consumers, and up to 55 percent for high-income respondents. As shoppers look to build these enticing snack boards, the study also revealed 65 percent of purchasers prefer to source charcuterie items from their traditional grocery stores.

Volpi Foods deployed a survey to 2,000 respondents to better understand shopping behaviors and the next generation's evolving needs

And as the charcuterie scene continues to garner attention, shoppers are in search of all-natural products to add to the mix—a demand that Volpi consistently meets through its high-quality portfolio.

“Focused on delivering the best quality, natural charcuterie sourced from Raised Responsibly™ hogs and packaged in better-for-the-Earth Eco Pack™, Volpi is uniquely positioned to meet well-established and emerging consumer demands,” Deanna stated. “Volpi is a consumer-centric brand, and understanding shoppers is paramount to our growth. Surveys that allow us to identify new trends or perceptions around charcuterie play a large part in our assortment and communications strategies, helping us identify what information shoppers are searching for when making a purchase decision. With these findings, we will continue to amplify messaging around our unique promise of sourcing from Raised Responsibly-compliant farmers and seeking more sustainable packaging alternatives for all of our products.”

With the charcuterie scene garnering more attention and shoppers looking for high-quality, all-natural products, Volpi is well-positioned to meet emerging category demands

As consumer trends continue to evolve, Volpi will be keeping a close watch to remain on the leading edge.

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