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Volpi Foods Earns Ready to Eat Product of the Year Award; Lorenza Pasetti and Travis Grant Comment

Volpi Foods Earns Ready to Eat Product of the Year Award; Lorenza Pasetti and Travis Grant Comment

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

With so many trade shows and award ceremonies happening as of late, the achievements of industry operators seem to keep flowing in. Volpi Foods is one of the most recent companies to nab a top honor, as it was announced by the 2022 Mindful Awards Program that the company earned the "Ready to Eat Product of the Year" award.

Lorenza Pasetti, Chief Executive Officer, Volpi Foods"We are thrilled to be the recipient of this particular accolade from the Mindful Awards program. For Volpi, sustainability is an all-encompassing initiative that starts at the source and carries through production to sales and packaging. We understand the importance of implementing sustainability initiatives, which is why we have made the commitment to both our Raised Responsibly standards and our eco-friendly packaging options," said Volpi Chief Executive Officer Lorenza Pasetti. "As we are committed to responsible practices, the goal when creating Volpi's Eco-Pack packaging was to reduce the use of single-use plastic, and the new packaging does just that. By embracing a new look that puts sustainability measures, both in terms of animal welfare and packaging, at the forefront of product labels, Volpi Foods is taking action for a more sustainable and transparent future for people and the planet."

Volpi Foods utilizes Raised Responsibly™ standards and is committed to solely sourcing from nearby farms employing these environmentally friendly practices and working with suppliers to enact additional restrictions. Volpi also utilizes traditional methods to produce its meats, allowing time to develop the delicate flavors and textures of each product.

Volpi Foods recently took home the "Ready to Eat Product of the Year" award as part of the 2022 Mindful Awards Program

Last year, Volpi converted its entire pre-sliced lineup to the paper-based Eco-Pack™. Its renewable structure is distinctive, functional, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified. During the 2021 calendar year, Volpi's switch to Eco-Pack diverted more than 45 tons of single-use plastic, according to a press release.

"The demand for pre-sliced meats has skyrocketed, but there are very few sustainable alternatives to the single-use plastic packages rampant in grocery store delicatessens. Today, the world is working to reduce the effect of plastic by moving to more sustainable packaging options," said Travis Grant, Managing Director, Mindful Awards. "The Eco-Pack packaging from Volpi achieves 70–75 percent plastic reduction as compared to standard deli packs. Volpi Foods is working toward a more sustainable future for the pre-sliced meat industry with their Raised Responsibly program and paper-based Eco-Pack packaging—not to mention how wonderful their foods taste. Congratulations on being our choice for 'Ready to Eat Product of the Year.'"

For more on this exciting announcement, please click here. We tip our hats to Volpi Foods in recognition of this esteemed award.

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