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Volpi Foods Launches New Web Series: Perfect Pairings

Volpi Foods Launches New Web Series: Perfect Pairings

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

When you’re in the zone, there’s no sense in stopping. That’s the mindset Volpi Foods is channeling this week as the supplier rolled out its newest social media campaign, Perfect Pairings, a highly anticipated follow up to its Webby Award honored series: Volpi Classics. The company plans to showcase a number of videos, each one highlighting a unique Volpi twist on classic pairings.

Deanna Depke, Marketing Manager, Volpi Foods“We wanted to provide a humorous, yet educational look at what can pair with Volpi products and beverages,” says Deanna Depke, Marketing Manager. “The traditional and not-so-traditional pairing ideas encourage viewers to find their own perfect pairings.”

The innovative video series has started to premiere on Volpi’s Instagram with 10 videos in total, according to a press release. The videos encourage viewers to explore unique product pairings with everything from cocktails to experiences. The short videos are under a minute long and will be released throughout the months of October and November. Pairing topics include: Bloody Mary Pairings, Hard Cider Pairings, Martini Pairings, Negroni Pairings, and more as well as pairings for popular cured meats from bresaola, mortadella, coppa, prosciutto, salame, and more.

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These videos are not like ordinary pairing videos. With quality production, they explore humor around cured meats and hope to spark more culinary curiosity in the kitchen and incorporate Volpi products. The videos were created by Volpi Food’s Test Kitchen Team, the same team that took home a 2020 Webby Award Honor for the Volpi Classics short series earlier this year.

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