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Volpi Foods Unveils New Sustainable Packaging

Volpi Foods Unveils New Sustainable Packaging

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

In many ways, consumers turn the tide of innovation—and savvy companies within the specialty sector eager to spearhead the sustainability movement have risen to the challenge. For Volpi Foods, fourth generation creators of artisan cured meats, this specific innovation comes in the form of its latest eco-friendly packaging. I spoke with Deanna Depke, Marketing Manager, to learn how this move gives Volpi a new edge.

Deanna Depke, Marketing Manager, Volpi Foods“If brands aren’t reacting to the environmental side of the business, they’re not paying attention,” she remarked. “We’ve converted our presliced product line to this new eco-friendly packaging, which is a first in our industry to package this way. Paper-based and with only a thin plastic barrier at the back of the product itself, we’ve eliminated 70 percent of plastic waste.”

As retailers continue to up their sustainability initiatives, partnering with Volpi Foods becomes an increasingly beneficial relationship—especially in the deli department.

“We’re one of the first companies in the deli sector to solve for this sustainability point. We’re preserving the product’s shelf life and maintaining our high quality, all while helping consumers reduce their reliance on single-use plastics,” Deanna expressed. “88 percent of consumers are concerned about plastic waste and its effect on the environment—and we’re helping our retail partners provide solutions to meet those changing demands.”

Volpi Foods recently unveiled a new innovation in its brand-new eco-friendly packaging

With an initial rollout that covered 80 percent of Volpi’s product line, the full transition is already underway.

“Initial partners like Trader Joe’s jumped on board right away. They loved the plastic reduction and also the look and feel of the product itself. It’s very similar to a butcher wrap at your local deli counter, which helps bring a personal connection to consumers,” Deanna explained. “These shoppers are craving pre-packaged, single-portion items, so it’s really a win-win for the consumer and the retailer.”

And with that, it seems near impossible to ignore this opportunity. Buy-side, gear up for your next charcuterie investment.

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