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Wakefern Food Corp. Taps Trigo to Test Frictionless Stores; Charlie McWeeney and Michael Gabay Comment

Wakefern Food Corp. Taps Trigo to Test Frictionless Stores; Charlie McWeeney and Michael Gabay Comment

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

A new international partnership is born betwixt Wakefern Food Corp. and Trigo. The grocery cooperative tapped the Israel-based technology expert as it plans out its pilot of an autonomous supermarket with the use of Trigo’s AI-based solutions.

Charlie McWeeney, Vice President of Technology, Innovation, and Strategy, Wakefern Food Corp.“With Trigo’s frictionless technology, Wakefern Food Corp. is opening up access to cutting-edge innovation for our members,” said Charlie McWeeney, Wakefern’s Vice President of Technology, Innovation, and Strategy. “We are excited to pilot Trigo’s solution and offer our consumers the ultimate in checkout convenience.”

Wakefern’s new partnership with Trigo marks the tech innovator’s entry into the United States market, according to a press release, following numerous successful launches with key industry partners like the U.K.’s Tesco and Germany's REWE, Aldi NORD, and Netto, owned by The EDEKA Group.

Wakefern Food Corp. tapped Israel-based, frictionless checkout technology expert Trigo to pilot an autonomous supermarket with the use of its AI-based solutions

Utilizing its computer vision to create a seamless experience, Trigo turns existing grocers into fully autonomous digital stores. With the use of Trigo’s GDPR compliant technology, retailers can successfully scale their business while maintaining their unique character and layout, noted the release.

Michael Gabay, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Trigo“Trigo is proud to work with some of the largest grocery retailers around the world, so partnering with Wakefern Food Corp. was a natural step for the company,” said Michael Gabay, Trigo’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “By helping Wakefern convert some store formats, or develop new ones that are exclusive to their brands, we can help them accelerate their growth within the market and pave the way for frictionless shopping in the future.”

With this latest innovative partnership, shoppers can now use an app to scan a QR code as they enter store locations, which allows them to pick up items and leave with no need to checkout, creating a simplified and more efficient shopping experience.

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