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Wasa Celebrates 100 Years of Premium Crispbreads

Wasa Celebrates 100 Years of Premium Crispbreads

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

While some flavors tap into a taste of place, others have the power to tap into the taste of time. The flavor of Wasa crackers evokes a more traditional time, delivering nostalgia in every bite for over 100 years. I first experienced this at Winter Fancy Food Show 2020, where I had a chance to link up with the Wasa team and learn about the company’s storied past.

Kit Burton, Brand Manager, Wasa USA“Wasa was established in 1919 in Sweden and is now the largest crispbread baker in the world, selling our products in more than 40 different countries,” said Kit Burton, Brand Manager of Wasa USA. “From the beginning, Wasa has been committed to wholesome food made the right way. The all-natural ingredients used in our crispbread recipes make them naturally low in fat. They contain no trans fats and most do not contain sugar.”

According to Kit, rye, yeast, salt, and water have long been the basic ingredients in many Wasa products. However, through the years a great number of varieties and new flavors have evolved. As other grains such as wheat, oats, and barley have surfaced, Flax Seed and more flavorful ingredients have been added to make only the best-tasting crispbreads.

Celebrating over 100 years as a leading crispbread provider, Wasa crackers deliver nostalgia in every bite

“Wasa is about making healthy snacking easy, and this informs how we work each day, create products, and deliver value to consumers and retail partners. The key ingredient in most Wasa Crispbreads—whole grain flour—provides great flavor and nutrition,” Kit explained. “Wasa products are whole grain and provide a valuable source of carbohydrates and protein. Most also offer at least 2 grams of fiber per serving, while some even contain flaxseed to provide a good source of ALA Omega-3.”

Recently, Wasa announced that its global operations are 100 percent carbon neutral. The company compensates to zero its carbon emissions by promoting renewable energy and rainforest preservation in accordance with international standards. This achievement makes Wasa the first crispbread brand to achieve 100 percent carbon neutrality.

Wasa recently announced that its global operations are 100 percent carbon neutral

“We’re proud to continue honoring our core values and commitment to the environment by stepping up for the planet and achieving carbon neutrality,” added Kit. “With Wasa celebrating our 100th anniversary last year, it’s more important than ever to continue looking to the future and ensuring we’re making a positive impact for generations to come.”

Key initiatives implemented in recent years include increasing the use of rail logistics for efficient delivery of ingredients and products, launching several energy-saving projects, buying electrical energy from renewable sources guaranteed by origin certificates, and using verified emissions reduction credits.

“We want people to know that when they choose Wasa, they’re not only making a healthy lifestyle choice, but a sustainable choice from a brand that’s taking action on climate change,” said Kit.

Wasa continues to focus on consumers and the changing way people eat today, testing new products while staying true to its brand values of the last 100 years.

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