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Wegmans Enters Connecticut With New Store; Colleen Wegman Shares

Wegmans Enters Connecticut With New Store; Colleen Wegman Shares

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

The East Coast retail market has expanded once again as Wegmans Food Markets lays plans to open a new store. Entering the state of Connecticut for the first time, the retailer will continue building out its presence across the country.

Colleen Wegman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Wegmans Food Markets“Each year we receive hundreds of requests from residents for a store in Connecticut, so we’re excited to bring Wegmans to Norwalk and to get to know our new neighbors,” said Colleen Wegman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Even before we open the doors to our new store, we’re committed to making a difference in every community we serve.”

The new location will be located on nearly 11 acres of land off Connecticut Avenue, as noted in a press release. The two-level store will be approximately 95,000 square feet and will also include a multi-level parking garage.

Wegmans Food Markets is making its entry into a new market as it prepares to open a new store in Norwalk, Connecticut

A timeline for construction and opening has not yet been announced, as the retailer is currently seeking municipal approvals for the project. Operating since 1916, the grocer currently runs 106 stores across seven states, with over 50,000 employees chainwide.

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