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Wilder Condiments Launches New Organic Mustards in California-Inspired Flavors; Isabel Freed Comments

Wilder Condiments Launches New Organic Mustards in California-Inspired Flavors; Isabel Freed Comments

Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

As a California native, I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited when I heard about Wilder Condiments' new Golden State-inspired mustard flavors. With such an eclectic mix of cultures and food styles throughout the state, the new launch includes taste bud-tingling combinations that will have shoppers loading up their baskets and looking for any chance to utilize the specialty condiments in their daily meals. The new lineup includes four bold flavors: Dijonish Mustard, Sweet & Hot Mustard, Jalapeño Mustard, and a new Horseradish Mustard.

Isabel Freed, Chef and Founder, Wilder Condiments"We are thrilled to introduce Wilder organic mustards, crafted to be great-tasting and better-for-you," said Isabel Freed, Chef and Founder. "Their bright flavors are designed to inspire home cooks to be creative, make 'wilder' meals, and have fun in the process—from the chopping-board to the picnic table."

Wilder Condiments is woman-owned and operated, chef-driven, and uses ingredients grown from the local farmer's market stand, giving consumers high-quality flavors that they can feel good about indulging in. Created along the coastline of California, Wilder mustards are organic, all natural, vegan, low calorie, and high in nutrients, according to a press release, and have already been embraced by the likes of Oprah and Bobbly Flay.

Wilder Condiments recently launched its new lineup of bold flavors: Dijonish Mustard, Sweet & Hot Mustard, Jalapeño Mustard, and a new Horseradish Mustard

"Our mustards were hand-crafted under the California sun, quite literally from the ground up, one by one, and embraced by the local community of farm to table consumers who care about great flavors and natural ingredients—but who also like to have fun with their food," continued Freed. "I realized that there was a gap in the condiments category for a product like ours, a mustard that not only tasted delicious but was also visually fun and would look great on-shelf, in a pantry, or as a gift."

The California-inspired lineup of mustard flavors features:

  • Dijonish Mustard: A classic—refreshed. This balanced mustard sets the gold standard for condiment collections
  • Sweet & Hot Mustard: The perfect blend of sweet and spice. This grainy mustard acts all nice, then steals your girlfriend (or hamburger)
  • Jalapeño Mustard: Spicy, but not too spicy! Turn up the mustard game a notch with this hot number
  • Horseradish Mustard: The answer is yes to horseradish mustard. Best enjoyed with a turkey sandwich and a cold pilsner
  • The Wilder flavor trio: The popular mustard trio includes organic Horseradish Mustard, Sweet & Hot Mustard, and Jalapeño Mustard

Wilder organic mustards are made with all-natural organic ingredients and never use additives, artificial flavors, or preservatives. The mustard seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, protein, niacin, and dietary fiber.

All of Wilder's mustards are made with all-natural organic ingredients, are shelf-stable, and hand-crafted under the California sun

As the shelf-stable condiment market has soared past $2 billion during the pandemic, the trend looks to only continue as consumers move to outdoor eating occasions. With a focus on better-for-you offerings and bold new flavors, Wilder Condiments has just what shoppers and retailers need.

"After the past year, we believe everyone deserves a little sunshine, and Wilder mustards are committed to providing just that. Quite simply, we are on a mission to uplift any recipe, sandwich, or snack and bring a little bit of California's bounty to the grocery shelf, table, pantry, and/or picnic basket all year long," concluded Freed.

Currently, Wilder mustards are available for purchase online and can be found at natural and independent retailers across the U.S. Could your store be the next to carry the unique offerings?

For more new specialty launches across the industry, keep a tab up for Deli Market News.

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