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Wonderful® Pistachios Releases Get Crackin' Commercial Featuring Spot®

Wonderful® Pistachios Releases Get Crackin' Commercial Featuring Spot®

Monday, March 13th, 2023

If you’ve been watching TV or scrolling through social media, odds are that you’ve seen Wonderful® Pistachios’ Get Crackin’ commercials. In an effort to further bolster the campaign, the provider is debuting another commercial featuring Spot® the mobile robot dog from Boston Dynamics.

Running across cable outlets, digital streaming platforms, and on social media, the new advertisement shows how this robot enjoys cracking open Wonderful Pistachios. According to a press release, viewers can enjoy how “Spot does it obediently” cracking open a pistachio with its claw-like mouth, followed by Spot enthusiastically wagging its imaginary tail and being praised as a good boy.

Wonderful® Pistachios is adding another new commercial to its Get Crackin’ campaign, this time featuring mobile robot dog Spot® from Boston Dynamics

Additional TV spots as part of the campaign have included how nursery rhyme legend Humpty Dumpty “does it with a great fall,” how the Universe “does it with a big bang,” and how the world's number-one-ranked competitive eater Joey Chestnut “does it like a champ.” In April, Wonderful Pistachios will release its next Get Crackin’ advertisement, which will feature PAC-MAN™.

What will Wonderful Pistachios do next to boost its campaign? Only time and Deli Market News will tell, so stay tuned.

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