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Cypress Grove Spices Up WFFS With Double Remixed Humboldt Fog

Cypress Grove Spices Up WFFS With Double Remixed Humboldt Fog

Thursday, January 16th, 2020

As we all prepare to hop on a plane or in our cars to get to the City by the Bay, the excitement for WFFS is palpable. Everyone’s buzzing about the latest and greatest products that will be on full display—including some beloved favorites. Cypress Grove, the star cheesemaker known for its incomparable Humboldt Fog goat cheese, will be bringing out its signature variety, for sure, but don’t think that means there’s nothing new. The cheesemaker will also spotlight its enormously popular Humboldt Fog Remix line, which offers a playful, flavorful, take on the Cypress Grove classic.

Christy Khattab, Deputy Managing Director, Cypress Grove“We’re rolling out a twist on our popular Humboldt Fog Remix line: this year, they’re double remixed! Our Humboldt Fog Remixes feature different limited-edition flavors in place of the classic ribbon of black ash, but now we’re shaking up the Humboldt Fog Remix line by mixing each limited edition flavor into the cheese paste,” Christy Khattab, Director of Marketing, said. “Each wheel features a flavorful ribbon through its center—just like previous Remixes—but with a bigger, bolder taste in each and every bite.”

Cypress Grove puts a twist on some of its most popular products, which it will feature at this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show

Cypress Grove is introducing a new addition to the line, Humboldt Fog Chipotle Cacao Remix, a cheese featuring smoky chipotle peppers and a ribbon of Dick Taylor chocolate. A fellow Humboldt County specialty food producer, Dick Taylor Chocolate is a longtime partner and friend of Cypress Grove, so its inclusion in the new Remix variety comes as no surprise. The new flavor is resonating with cheese lovers across the country, and Christy told me exactly why the variety is gaining so much hype.

“Chipotle Cacao Remix has been a hit! It’s a flavor combination that sounds unusual at first, but the smoky, spicy, and roasty notes play perfectly together,” she said. “We’re feeling a lot of excitement around this cheese, and we can’t wait to hear what people think at the show.”

Attendees of the Winter Fancy Food Show will get a chance to try Cypress Grove's newest remixes of its Humboldt Fog line

And that’s not all Cypress Grove is bringing to the showroom floor—the cheesemaker is also bringing back two Remix favorites: Humboldt Fog Dill Remix and Humboldt Fog Haze Remix. Both flavors are as unique as they are delicious—the Humboldt Fog Dill Remix contains a distinctive ribbon of dill and hand-harvested dill pollen, creating a rich depth of flavor with a tart and bright finish; and the Humboldt Fog Haze features a ribbon of lavender and hand-harvested wild fennel pollen that pairs well with the herbaceous overtones, floral notes, and clean citrus finish of the cheese.

The double remixed varieties have been redeveloped to offer a more balanced flavor, with ingredients mixed into the cheese paste for a truly unique taste. The response to the refreshed flavors have been phenomenal, and original Remix fans are quickly warming to the new recipes. The new flavors are set to roll out throughout the rest of the year—Humboldt Fog Dill Remix is planned to debut in spring, the Humboldt Fog Chipotle Cacao Remix will be released in the summer, and the Humboldt Fog Haze Remix will become available in the fall.

The remix of Cypress Grove's product adds a little more balance while packing bigger and bolder flavors

Cypress Grove is a shining example of taking a beloved classic and turning it on its head to create something new and exciting. The cheesemaker took the best aspects of its much-loved Humboldt Fog and reinvented it with bold new flavor combinations, a hallmark of a brand that continues to push boundaries.

“We have a tremendous amount of fun with the Humboldt Fog Remix line—Humboldt Fog is one of the most well-known and well-loved cheeses in America, and true to the spirit of Cypress Grove, we love putting creative, delicious, and slightly irreverent twists on such a classic cheese. It’s incredible to have that kind of playground,” Christy concluded.

Are you as curious as I am about the hot new remixes? Stop by booth #2143 for a look at the future of Humboldt Fog.

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