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DeliMarket News Visits Loblaw's Provigo Le Marché Store in Montreal

DeliMarket News Visits Loblaw's Provigo Le Marché Store in Montreal


When first walking into Loblaw’s Provigo Le Marché store in Montreal, it's not hard to find yourself pausing at the front doors, and allowing a few moments to let it all soak in. With huge windows illuminating every corner of the 25,164 sq. ft. supermarket, it's easy to see elements of the eclectic style that’s made Montreal one of the most beautiful cities in the word. The design has a sleek, yet warm atmosphere that marries the old and the new in the same way the city does. Here, shoppers get the convenience of a full-service grocery store, with a distinctive food market style layout and a team that promises to offer its customers an exceptional shopping experience. 

Pierre Dandoy, SVP, Market Division, Provigo and Loblaw Quebec"Combining the attributes of a public market when it comes to shopping experience and freshness with the convenience, personalized service and variety of a traditional supermarket, the new Provigo Le Marché stores will provide a unique experience in Québec that will meet the taste and expectations of consumers who are passionate about great food," said Pierre Dandoy, Senior Vice President of Operations, Market Division for Provigo & Loblaw Quebec, in a press release.

Top View of Provigo's Produce and Bakery Departments

At the Provigo Le Marché store, high industrial ceilings hover above the fresh deli and produce departments, pairing an urban vibe with the quality and innovation that the store is known for. As an avid cheese lover, one of the first departments I had to check out was the incredible 10.8 ft. high wall of cheese. With an assortment of 400 cheeses, including 300 from Québec, you might not even notice the impressive deli counter to its right side. This deli counter, however, is not to be ignored, boasting a wall of prosciutto that Loblaw calls the best portfolio in Canada. The company has brought back expertise from trips across Canada and Europe to discover the best cuts, varieties and storage practices for the delicious meat.

Provigo's 10 ft. Wall of Cheese and Ace Bakery

Overlooking the store from the terrace above, it’s hard not to notice the Patisserie and its gorgeous collection of treats. Including handcrafted milk chocolate, and an impressive array of cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, and the smell of freshly baked bagels. This store also feature a complete ACE Bakery®, where consumers are introduced to artisan breads made from scratch every day.

Provigo's Fresh Made Cakes

Provigo Le Marché, while being one of the most visually stimulating grocery stores I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, is also a place where citizens of Montreal can rely on the fresh food they need every day. I don’t know about you, but to me that makes this store all the better.



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