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Diana LaRocca Takes Reigns as CMO for Dickey's

Diana LaRocca Takes Reigns as CMO for Dickey's

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Announced last Friday, Dickey's announced that it has appointed its Chief Marketing Officer role to Diana LaRocca, a current employee who was in the role of Vice President of Marketing.

Diana LaRocca, Chief Marketing Officer, Dickey's Barbecue Restaurant

Diana, a Texan native, is a highly-experienced marketing, communications, and sales professional with nearly 30 years of experience. This announcement is timely, as the chain has experienced huge growth in recent years, with the franchise exploding to 520 locations in 43 states. Dickey's has also revealed plans this past week to expand to markets in Japan, South Korea and the Phillippenes. 

In the new role, she is tasked to creating and implementing national marketing campaigns, running the gamut of social and digital media. In this unique position with a company with such a rich history and during its current and future expnasion, Diana will also be the head of marketing research, business segment profitability and public relations.

Dickey's Barbecue

LaRocca has the resume to ensure the appointment is a successful one, coming from serving leadership roles withing Dickey's, Capitol One, Legacy Texas Bank, and Guaranty Bank. Diana has a degree from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Master's Certification from the University of San Francisco.

Roland Dickey Jr, CEO, Dickey's Barbecue Restaurant"The Dickey family is thrilled to welcome Diana to the role of CMO," says the CEO of Dickey's Barbeque Restaurant, Roland Dickey Jr. He adds, "Diana is highly qualified for this role and after joining Dickey's as the VP of Marketing, we know she is the right fit to fulfill the role of CMO and we look forward to her lending her talents in creating innovative and effective campaigns."

Diana LaRocca is enthusiastic about her future, noting, "This is an exciting time for the Fast Casual industry and especially for Dickey's as the chain continues to rapidly expand. I have been a fan of Dickey's for over 25 years and I'm looking forward to my role as CMO for the nation's largest barbecue chain."

We agree. The Fast Casual arena is growing fast and it is hardly casual fare right now for the business-minded. 


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