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FOODMatch Corporate Chef Brett Greenberg Discusses New Product Offerings

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Ever-expanding FOODMatch is taking the quality and authenticity its olives, antipasti, and spreads are known for to new heights and new categories, with a number of new offerings designed to drive sales in deli aisles and add savory flavors to foodservice spreads.

Brett Greenberg, Corporate Chef, FOODMatch

“FOODMatch focuses on authentic, clean label, from-the-region olives, antipasti, and cheese accompaniments,” Brett tells me, explaining that the company’s line of Divina spreads, BobbySue’s Nuts products, Wella Bars, and its new Frescatrano™ olives and deli component kits offer the same high-quality that FOODMatch is known for, across a variety of new and innovative category offerings.

“We’ve got a line of Divina spreads—all-natural, clean label, very fruit forward…a really great option for the deli. We have our BobbySue’s Nuts…The are artisanally small batch-roasted with no added fats [and are] perfect for platters and entertaining,” Brett continues. “We also have our Wella Bars for cold-case convenience. It’s a fresh, chilled nutritional wellness bar. It’s nut butter-based. It’s high in protein. It’s organic. It’s gluten free.”

FOODMatch deli component kits

Additionally, in keeping with the company’s roots in olives and antipasti, FOODMatch has introduced Frescatrano™ olives—an innovative new offering applying a Castelveltrano-style cure to Greek olives—and deli component kits for convenient in-store assembly in deli departments and other foodservice outlets.

Watch my full interview with Brett above.

And for more on all things dairy, deli, and bakery, stay tuned to Deli Market News.


Beano's - First in Deli. Always Delicious.Odyssey - New Mediterranean Feta Drip

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