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SpartanNash Names Mike Pahud as Caito Foods' Chief Operating Officer

SpartanNash Names Mike Pahud as Caito Foods' Chief Operating Officer

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

SpartanNash is looking to double down on the distribution assets that Caito Foods has added to its portfolio, as the company has announced a new Chief Operating Officer for the company. SpartanNash has appointed Mike Pahud as the COO for Caito Foods. 

Mike Pahud, COO, Caito Foods

Pahud is being promoted to the role after serving the company as its Chief Financial Officer. According to a press release, Pahud will be assuming responsibility for sales, procurement, and operations at Caito Foods, in addition already managing finance and information technology for the company. 

Bob Kirch, EVP of SpartanNash, and President & CEO of Caito Foods“Mike’s performance and commitment has been a tremendous asset in supporting Caito’s growth and performance improvement over the past several years,” said Bob Kirch, EVP of SpartanNash, and President and CEO of Caito Foods. “He also plays a key role as a member of the SpartanNash-Caito-BRT Integration Management Office (IMO). We look forward to the contributions Mike will make in his new role.”  

Since joining the company in February 2013, Pahud has led multiple iniatives that were necessary to build sustainable platforms and systems to handle the company’s future growth. Pahud joined Caito Foods from R. W. Armstrong and Associates. 

SpartanNash Headquarters

Earlier this year, SpartanNash joined forces with Caito Foods and Blue Ribbon Transport to boost its distribution and logistics services. The terms of the $217 million acquisition of Caito Foods bestowed upon SpartanNash its new 118,000-square-foot Fresh Kitchen facility. The USDA-certified plant was specifically designed to process and package freshly prepared foods. 

What other strategic moves will SpartanNash make to further foster its distribution services? Deli Market News will report.

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