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SpartanNash Takes Over Gordy’s Market Wholesale Distribution

SpartanNash Takes Over Gordy’s Market Wholesale Distribution

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

SpartanNash will be taking over the role of primary wholesaler to Gordy’s Market, the company announced this week, in a deal that will allow the company access to all 21 Wisconsin locations.

Gordy's Market. Photo credited to VolumeOne.Org.

This long term contract will move Gordy’s distribution services to SpartanNash's St. Cloud, Minnesota center. Gordy’s CFO David Schafer commended SpartanNash on its leadership, commitment to growth, private brand offerings, and portfolio of value added services after the deal’s announcement.

David Schafer, CFO, Gordy's Market. Credited to"As a wholesale/retail operator, SpartanNash's leadership clearly understands what it takes to deliver quality products, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service," continued Schafer.

SpartanNash will not only be distributing the store’s national brands, but also Gordy’s exclusive Our Family® brands and Top Care,® Value Time® and natural and/or organic and eco-friendly Full Circle brands, according to a press release.

Dennis Eidson, President and CEO, SpartanNash“Gordy's is a perfect fit for our distribution operations,” explained Dennis Eidson, SpartanNash's President and Chief Executive Officer. “We have years of experience meeting our Wisconsin customers' preferences, our St. Cloud DC is strategically located to minimize food miles, and we are positioned to help Gordy's grow. We see this agreement as a win:win for both parties.”

SpartanNash will begin its distribution of private brand products to Gordy's in mid-February and will be Gordy's primary distributor by May 2016.

SpartanNashGordy's Market

Beemster makes it betterAged Cheddar CheeseSlingshot Shakes. A complete breakfast.Venus Wafers - The Original Mariner Biscut Company - Made simple - Made right

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