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US Foods Unveils Summer Scoop, Helps Foodservice Cater to Customers

US Foods Unveils Summer Scoop, Helps Foodservice Cater to Customers

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Tapping into consumer trends while addressing dietary restrictions, evolving principles, and ever-expanding taste preferences, US Foods has released its latest Summer Scoop™ 2017.

The Scoop aims to to assist restaurants in appealing to increasingly diverse consumer palates, and its latest issue, entitled “It’s a Matter of Choice,” highlights 24 versatile options restaurateurs can bring to the table to captivate diners, including the 44 percent of adults who now say food restrictions, food allergies, or avoidance of certain ingredients dictate their diet.

Stacie Sopinka, VP of Product Development and Innovation, US Foods

“From socially-conscious consumers to the specialized diets of food tribes, it’s becoming harder for groups of diners to visit a restaurant and find something on the menu that appeals to each of them,” said Stacie Sopinka, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation, in a company press release. “Within a party of four, it’s not uncommon to find at least one diner who is gluten-free or vegetarian while the others want to explore bolder, trending flavor combinations. When restaurants can expand the choices they offer consumers with a few simple additions to their existing menu, they win.”

This new lineup comes with a delicious line of fresh deli and bakery items. Here are a few highlights the industry can look to for inspiration:

Patuxent Farms® Chick-Arrones

An attention-getting appetizer that offers the perfect ration of juicy dark meat chicken thigh, meat, and skin—breaded and par-fried to that optimum crunch. Chick-Arrones are great as a side, on top of nachos, as a substitute for wings, and go easily from freezer to fryer, while maintaining their crispness.

Molly’s® Kitchen Beer Cheese Dip

A velvety and flavorful craft Beer Cheese Dip made from real Cheddar and Romano cheese. This time-saving, on-trend offering is easy to prepare and uses a popular amber ale from a leading craft brewery to add flavor.

US Foods Summer Scoop, Molly’s® Kitchen Beer Cheese Dip

Chef’s Line® Gluten Free Italian Pizza Crust

A gluten-free pizza that’s every bit as savory and appealing as the Italian original. These are crusts are made with rice flour and buckwheat, bake in minutes, and come in a convenient 10½” personal size.

US Foods Summer Scoop, Chef’s Line® Gluten Free Italian Pizza Crust

To see the entirety of US Foods’ Summer Scoop 2017, featuring even more on-trend offerings click here.

As the buy-side continues to innovate and push fresh produce into the limelight, count on AndNowUKnow to report on the latest.

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