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Dutch Farm Sells Pig Cheese for More Than $2,300 a Kilo

Dutch Farm Sells Pig Cheese for More Than $2,300 a Kilo

Monday, August 24th, 2015

You may have tried a lot of interesting cheeses in your day—cow, goat, buffalo, soy, etc. But have you ever wondered why you can’t find pigs milk cheese? It might just be the whopping $2,300 a kilogram price tag

Piggie Palace Pig's Milk Cheese (Photo via Mercury Press & Media Ltd)

A family-run farm in the Netherlands has produced what they’re calling the world's first cheese made from pig milk, all stemming from “mastermind” free-range pig farmer Erik Stenink, the owner of “Piggy's Palace”.

Erik Stenink, Owner, “Piggy's Palace”

The family farm and visitor attraction thrives on its 22 'happy pigs,' who are kept free range and “as comfortable as possible.” Complete with play area, slide, and trampoline, it's no wonder these little guys are cranking out decadent cheese all day.

Check out this Dutch video below to watch the pig sliding in action:

Described as “chalky and a bit salty,” the unique cheese was snatched up yesterday by an anonymous buyer, with the $2,300 a kilogram then being donated to a children's cancer charity in the Netherlands.  

Stenink admitted to the Daily Mail that due to the time and difficulty of making the cheese, this sale is likely only a one-time thing, but for the right price he could be motivated to ramp up production on another batch. 

The Piggie Palace Waterpark. (Photo via

“It's a product which has never been made before and a lot of people are very interested in it. We've only just recently tried to milk the sows,” Stenink told the Daily Mail. “We're very happy with it all and although for us it's a one-time thing, if someone wants to give us £1,500 ($2,300) we'll make a kilo, but it's too intensive to make it without an order.”

Curious enough to travel to the Netherlands to get your own taste of the cheese? You’re in luck! Stenink says he saved 250g for visitors to taste. But with more than 2,000 visitors every year, you better start heading to the Piggy Palace now.

Piggy Palace