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Cargill Announces New Headquarters

Cargill Announces New Headquarters

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Cargill has chosen the spot to build up an entirely new headquarters for its Protein Group, remaining in Wichita, Kansas, despite other possibilities.

Brian Sikes, Corporate Vice President for the North America Protein Group, Cargill“The 825 East Douglas site is perfectly situated for the creation of a new Cargill Protein Group headquarters, providing us with a long-term solution that meets our needs, as well as the needs of our Wichita team,” Brian Sikes, Cargill’s Corporate Vice President for the North America Protein Group, said in a statement Friday, according to news source The Wichita Eagle.

Cargill will be demolishing its current headquarters, building this new facility from scratch and offering a fresh location for 800 employees.

“Locating in the Old Town portion of downtown Wichita places us in close proximity to many restaurant, entertainment, hotel and shopping options, with convenient access to key roads and highways,” Sikes commented. “Creating a dynamic, aesthetic, and collaborative work environment of the future is an important element for growing our business, and attracting and retaining talent as we transform to meet the evolving needs of our customers and consumers.”

The Wichita Innovation Center opened in July 2011.

The selected spot is currently a 181,000-square-foot site taken up by the local Wichita Eagle.

Before the announcement it was up for debate whether or not Cargill would remain in the city when shopping for a new center of operations for protein. Now, it looks as though the company will continue to call Wichita its home.