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Driscoll Food Service and D. Brickman Inc. Announce Merger

Driscoll Food Service and D. Brickman Inc. Announce Merger

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Wholesale foodservice company Driscoll Food Service has quietly merged with Amsterdam-based, New Jersey-headquartered seafood, cheese, and produce provider D. Brickman Inc.

"We're going to do this at a deliberate pace to make sure nothing is disrupted," said Steven Donnelly, President of Driscoll's Amsterdam division, according to the Albany Business Review. On the company itself, Donnelly added, "They're not just better than us at what they do, they're better than anyone."

Donnelly stated that the plan is to eventually move D. Brickman's headquarters into Amsterdam, but minimizing disruption for customers and employees will necessitate a slower process.

The two companies reportedly merged earlier this month, but continue to operate independently.

"[The merger] is a good fit because we complement each other," said Jim Hans, President of D. Brickman. "Their strengths are our weaknesses and vice versa."

Driscoll brings 85 employees in Amsterdam and about 370 in New Jersey, with 24 full-time and three part-time D. Brickman employees staying on following the merger.

The former supplies national, regional, and local brands to local independent restaurants in the tri-state and upstate New York areas, as well as having a "cut shop" offering custom steak cutting and dry aging. The latter supplies fresh produce, seafood, and local cheeses to restaurants in a 150-mile radius.

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