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US Foods Bolsters Fall Scoop Line with New Items

US Foods Bolsters Fall Scoop Line with New Items

Monday, September 18th, 2017

US Foods is launching a new spin for 2017 in its Fall Scoop line, having worked with award-winning chef, author, and independent restaurateur Chef Marcus Samuelsson to develop the offering themed “Make It Yours.”

Stacie Sopinka, Vice President of Product Development & Innovation, US Foods“One of the most essential ingredients to succeeding in the restaurant industry is finding the perfect balance of products that not only inspire menus but offer easy alternatives, time savings and profit drivers,” said Stacie Sopinka, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation. “For Fall Scoop, we partnered with Marcus to create a line that gives operators the inspiration they need to empower their success.”

US Foods Bolsters Fall Scoop Line with New Items

Initially launched last Fall, the latest lineup features 26 products total, six in collaboration with Chef Samuelsson.

The products, which are inspired by Chef Samuelsson’s Ethiopian and Swedish heritage and his roots in Harlem, New York, include:

  • Patuxent Farms® Uptown Par-Fried Chicken Thigh
  • Molly’s Kitchen® Spicy Battered Cauliflower with Aleppo Pepper
  • Monarch® Addis Style Spice Blend
  • Chef’s Line® Cornbread Muffin
  • Harbor Banks® Smoked Norwegian Salmon
  • Harbor Banks® Smoked Norwegian Trout

Chef Marcus SamuelssonUS Foods said it partnered with Chef Samuelsson to inspire the next wave of global cuisine–part of its overall goal to provide the inspiration operators need in the continuous goal to design the ideal menu, as well as run an efficient kitchen and streamlined business.

New items added are also versatile and cost-conscious, according to a press release, as 63% of restaurant operators are concerned with managing food costs, and 38% believe maximizing ingredients is one of the top ways to keep these costs low. Another key focus was to give dish options that would save time, to simplify life for the back-of-house. You can see what items fall under each of these key foodservice needs, along with the rest of the list, at usfoods.com/food/scoop.

US Foods Bolsters Fall Scoop Line with New Items

In addition to these new products, Fall Scoop also features Homebase, which looks to make schedule management and communicating with team members fast and efficient. A leading online labor management tool, Homebase enables:

  • Paperless scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Text and email messaging
  • Reporting

You can learn more about US Foods Online staffing solutions at usfvalueaddedservices.com/homebase.

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