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Getting a Closeup With Winning Marin French & Laura Chennel Cheeses

Getting a Closeup With Winning Marin French & Laura Chennel Cheeses

Monday, September 19th, 2016

To get slightly sentimental, and vastly punny, it isn’t easy being a cheesey-oriented reporter when you don’t have the food to fuel the content right in front of you. Often here at Deli Market News, we receive beautiful photos and food profiles that have us drooling without anything to sate us.

This story is not such a case.

A few delights were found in our mailbox in the form of Marin French’s Dark Moon Brie and Petite Jalapeño Triple Creme Brie, as well as the company’s sister Laura Chenel’s Pimento & Garlic Cheese Log.

Pimento & Garlic Cheese Log

The Pimento & Garlic log has a distinct flavor profile that would be a good addition to lasagnas and pastas, making it a good cross-merchandiser.

With sweet, sun-dried tomatoes and peppers, the packaging lets the colorful product speak for itself. One of my favorite features? The image on the back showing that it pairs well with both a red wine or an IPA brew.

Petite Jalapeño Brie Cheese

Marin French’s Petite had me personally at the word “jalapeño,” but for shoppers that need a bit more incentive than a name that suggests nachos and tostadas, there is also the descriptions organically included on the package. With descriptors like “warm and creamy,” and “soft-ripened,” the package tells a story in few words. Then there is the jump on traceability and individuality by including that it is a California original.

Dark Moon Brie Cheese

Finally, the Dark Moon could be called the company’s rookie of the year. Despite being a recent launch, this product has already won itself a few accolades, including the California Expo State Fair’s gold medal and 4th place at the World Cheese Championship in Wisconsin. And ash-rinded, triple creme brie, Dark Moon carried the same soft-ripened and California original labels, the label is in a gray that inspires the same smokiness as the name and the profile.

Overall the three different cheese offer a plethora of cheese options for consumers and a fun, specialty touch to the aisle.

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