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The 8th Annual California Artisan Cheese Festival

The 8th Annual California Artisan Cheese Festival

PETALUMA, CA The 8th Annual California Artisan Cheese Festival has announced this year's roster of experts who will lead seminars and workshops on Saturday, March 22, 2014. The Festival will be held during March 21-23 at the Sheraton in Petaluma, CA. "The event will bring together artisan cheesemakers, chefs, brewers, sommeliers, wine makers and passionate guests for three days of touring, tasting and learning about artisan cheese," according to a statement on the event's website. Click here to buy tickets to seminars and tastings at the 8th Annual California’s Artisan Cheese Festival Event organizers say that Saturday seminars and workshops tend to sell out early, so it might be a good idea to buy tickets sooner rather than later. Proceeds from the festival go towards supporting local sustainable farmers and cheesemakers in California. The schedule of speakers and their topics has been released:
Janet Fletcher - "What's Up with that Rind?" & "Cheese & Beer: Strategies for Harmony" Laura Werlin - "MELT!" & "Explore Pinots and Their Cheese Companions (w/ Tim Gaiser)" Rich Higgins & Michael Landis - "Terroir de Sonoma: Exploring the Unique Flavors and Attitudes of Sonoma Beer and Cheese" Bob Peak - "Cheese Making - Italian Style" Sheana Davis - "Historic Cider and Honest Cheese" Gianaclis Caldwell - "Spicing it Up" & "Classics and Basics, Always the Best" Judy Creighton - "A Cheese History of the World" Louella Hill - "Make Moldy Cheese with The San Francisco Milk Maid" Sarah Dvorak & Oliver Dameron - "The Perfect Bite - Food and Beer Pairing" Collette Hatch - "Beautiful Bubbles and Artisan Jewels"
DeliMarket.TV will be in attendance, so we'll see you there! California Artisan Cheese Festival