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Ahold Completes Sale of Stake in ICA

Ahold Completes Sale of Stake in ICA

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
By Eric Anderson

Ahold announced today that it has successfully completed the $3.1 billion sale of its 60% stake in Scandinavian retailer ICA to Hakon Invest of Sweden.
This follows Ahold's agreement with Hakon Invest regarding the sale of Ahold's holding in ICA as announced on February 11, 2013.
Hakon now owns the entirety of the 2,215 store chain, Sweden’s largest retailer.
Other reports indicate that Ahold has been eyeing Matthews, North Carolina-based Harris Teeter Supermarkets. The chain operates 211 stores, predominantly in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina, which would help Ahold expand in mid-Atlantic and Southeast states where population growth trends are more favorable than in the Northeast, according to Bloomberg.
Ahold is now well equipped to make a sizable transaction, but was not available for immediate comment.