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Arla Foods Automates Manual Order Processing with OmPrompt

Arla Foods Automates Manual Order Processing with OmPrompt

Arla Foods, a £2 billion turnover company, number one in the UK dairy market, has automated manual order processing with OmPrompt.

Arla’s OmPrompt allows its customer service department to place orders automatically, without error, in seconds, according to a press release.

“Order accuracy is especially important to Arla because of the short shelf-life of fresh dairy products which cannot easily be collected and sent to another customer if incorrectly delivered,” said Malcom Hamilton, Customer Services Manager at Arla. “Since switching on the OmPrompt Order Automation service, order entry accuracy has increased from 98.6% to 100%, virtually eradicating operational error due to incorrect orders and the cost associated with delivery claims and complaints. Customers are very satisfied that 100% of deliveries arrive on-time-in-full.”

“Thanks to OmPrompt, Arla Foods, in line with its continuous improvement ethos, is building a superior customer experience as a source of competitive advantage,” said Jamie Nichols, OmPrompt’s VP of Sales.

OmPrompt’s initiatves have increased customer satisfaction, shortened the order-to-cash cycle, and released customer contact staff to higher value activity.

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