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Artisanal Brands Partners with Admiral Imports

Artisanal Brands Partners with Admiral Imports

NEW YORK, NY-Artisanal Brands and Admiral Imports have just begun cross-marketing cheeses and wines using Artisanal's CheeseClock. This consumer friendly pairing system showcases 12 Admiral Imports wines and pairs them with a full range of Artisanal cheeses from mild to strong.

Daniel W. Dowe, President and Chief Executive Officer of Artisanal say’s “What consumers really want, and often do not get, is some guidance at the store level, so we are providing that." The new partnership will directly address the consumer’s needs while also allowing both companies to uniquely market their products.

In addition, Artisanal is also addresses concerns from retailers. The company will be responsible for the refrigeration units, eliminating costs to retailers and allowing them to broaden their clientele base. “We expect to see a significant sales boost for Artisanal as this program expands throughout the region and as our premium brand delivers on its promise to both retailers and consumers,” said Dowe.

You can expect to see the Artisanal’s CheeseClock in stores soon.
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