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Beemster Graskaas Cheese Has Arrived

Beemster Graskaas Cheese Has Arrived


Beemster Graskaas has arrived!  This artisan favortite can only be made once a year and is cultivated from the first milking of spring, following the cows’ first meal on fresh spring grass. The grass is nutrient-rich and this first grazing creates Beemster’s creamiest, richest and sweetest milk of the year, according to a press release.

While these cows are pampered and well-cared for during the winter, they are happiest when they can roam freely and graze throughout the polder. Check out this video to see just how unique and ‘happy’ these cows are!

Graskaas literally translates to “grass cheese”. The winters in the Beemster Polder in Holland are too cold and there’s no grass for the cows to freely graze on, so they have to be kept in barns throughout the winter. Once the snow has melted and new fresh grass has grown, the cows are released from the barns.

Similar to a Beaujolais Nouveau, Olio Nuovo, this item is a limited edition seasonal cheese.  Graskaas is aged 1 month and has a mild, sweet flavor and subtle, smooth texture. The item is great as a melting cheese and is also ideal for sandwiches.