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Beemster Inspires With Holiday Cheese Recipes

Beemster Inspires With Holiday Cheese Recipes

Beemster is helping to entertain for the holidays with its inspirational cheeses. The company is helping cheese lovers create a special experience with its Holiday guide featuring delicious cheese recipes. The recipe guide is available for free where Beemster cheese is sold, and is also available to download on the company's website.
The Beemster Cheese Soup with Herbs features the company's Classic and Farmer's Choice Cheeses combined with a host of herbs, onions and zucchinni to create a creamy warm experience for the cool holiday season. The guide also features Phyllo Cups with Roasted Tomato and Beemster classic and Beemster Veal Pinwheels with Bacon in Port Sauce, Beemster Vlaskaas Cheese Fondue, Baked Beemster French Toast, and its Beemster Cheese Platter.
The website is also rich with recipes that can be narrowed down by cheese or time of the day.