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Belle Chèvre

Belle Chèvre

Elkmont, AL
Belle Chevre is celebrating National Goat Cheese Month this month with a little give away that wins big. The company is dubbing August - Free Cheese Month and offers cheese connoisseurs the chance to win one of every chevre they make.
Promotional materials state, "To celebrate what is DEFINITELY our favorite superfluous holiday month, we are giving away one of every single cheese we make to one lucky winner. That means one person will receive a goodie box of four breakfast cheeses, our original spreadable chevre, our special Southern Belle and Greek Kiss discs, a classic log, the pimento chevre that Southern Living raves about, our two marinated chevres and our cranberry walnut chevre. That's a lot of cheese (and don't worry, you can freeze some of it...or invite your friends over)!"
Participants can enter by following Belle Chevre on Twitter and tweeting @BelleChevre. Contestants can tweet whatever message they would like, but the company suggests favorite uses for goat cheese. Cheese lovers can also share one of Belle Chevre's Facebook wall posts on their own wall, or a friend's. Look for the company to post everything from recipes to cheese inspiration, according to contest materials. Participants can enter up to one time per day and are automatically entered by doing one of these two things.
Belle Chevre