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Berry Plastics Introduces Thermal Management Packaging Solution

Berry Plastics Introduces Thermal Management Packaging Solution

Berry Plastics Group, Inc. is introducing Versalite™, a revolutionary fully-recyclable thermal management packaging solution.

The Company is launching the #5 plastic polypropylene-based Versalite technology in the form of hot and cold to-go cups, according to a press release.

“The Versalite cup creates the solution consumers have been seeking – a to-go cup that is recyclable and durable, all the while helping to keep their beverage hot or cold for extended periods,” said Jon Rich, Chairman and CEO of Berry Plastics.

Jason Paladino, Berry Plastics’ Vice President of Research and Development emphasizes the importance of Versalite’s recyclability, while providing a superior consumer experience. “Unfortunately, none of the cups currently in the market offer a combination of all of the features consumers are looking for. Recognizing this void in the marketplace, we set out to develop a cup that provided a superior customer experience, while being recyclable.”

Paladino explained that multiple consumer insight studies confirmed that 8 out of 10 participants who tested the Versalite cup gave it a significantly higher overall rating than the other cups tested. As a to-go cup, Versalite delivers excellent performance, a positive consumer experience, and environmental advantages over many competing to-go cups.

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