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Boar’s Head Offers Tips to Create the Best Multi-Course Dishes for the Holidays

Boar’s Head Offers Tips to Create the Best Multi-Course Dishes for the Holidays


With holiday preparations no doubt underway, Boar’s Head is offering dinner party hosts a wide selection of carefully crafted recipes and convenient entertaining suggestions to make sure your next event is tasty, fun, and stress-free. Whether it’s pairing certain meats and cheeses with flavorful wine, to finding the perfect turkey, these tips will be invaluable to any host.

For the appetizer, Boar’s Head suggests to use only one or two ounces of cheese and three slices of meat per person to help delight their palate, but not overwhelm them before the main course. Cheese choices should feature a selection of semi-soft, firm, and hard cheese, and shouldn’t be fully pre-cut either; instead, hosts should slice a few pieces and then pair a knife with each selection to maintain freshness. In terms of meat, hosts might want to display cured, smoked, and preserved meats to showcase variety. Offer whole grain crackers, crusted bread, breadsticks, or crostini together with meats or cheeses on a wood platter or cutting board for textural contrast.

For the main course, Boar’s Head says its Sweet Slice Boneless Smoked Ham is on every holiday ‘dish’ list. Paired with the savory-sweet Brown Sugar & Spice Glaze, you have a delectable combination that is sure to become a family tradition, according to a press release.

And for the finale, try preparing Bread Pudding with Figs, Gouda Cheese, and Caramel Sauce the night before to offer your guests a timeless dessert. And for the bite-sized dessert option, try making some Gluten Free Blackberry Brie Tartlets, a creative combination of flavors to enjoy.

Go with Boar’s Head to give your guests a perfect holiday dinner!

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