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Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods Named Recipient of Prevention's Cleanest Packaged Food Awards

Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods Named Recipient of Prevention's Cleanest Packaged Food Awards


Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods has been named a recipient of Prevention’s Cleanest Packaged Food Awards for the second consecutive year – this year for its Ancient Grains Sea Salt snack chips.

"The Boulder Canyon brand was founded on the notion that clean-eating and real food ingredients do, in fact, taste better than processed foods," said Steve Sklar, senior vice president and general manager for Inventure Foods, Inc. "To be part of Prevention's distinguished Cleanest Packaged Foods Awards for the second straight year provides proof of that concept and we're thrilled by the honor."

These awards feature the best, healthiest, and cleanest boxed and bagged food. Winning products must meet strict criteria, including:

  • Must not contain GMO ingredients
  • Contain no more than 10 grams of added sugar
  • Have less than 200 mg of sodium per serving
  • All foods had to be delicious

According to a press release, the brand’s Ancient Grains Sea Salt snack chips received praise for its use of seven old-school grains, nutty flavor and boost of fiber this year.

The Ancient Grains Sea Salt snack chips blend together quinoa, millet, chia, amaranth, brown rice, brown teff and sorghum to create a cracker-like chip that is thin and hearty. They are lightly seasoned with a touch of sea salt. Additionally, they are cooked in sunflower and safflower oils that are low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fats. 

Boulder Canyon’s Ancient Grains are a source of 10 whole grains and have no trans fats, no cholesterol and just one gram of saturated fat. Every serving provides two grams of fiber and protein as well as boosts of calcium and iron. The chips are certified gluten-free and Kosher and are non-GMO.

The full list of Prevention’s 2015 Cleanest Packaged Food Award winners is available in the March issue.

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