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Bravo Farms Launches New California Dutchman's Feta

Bravo Farms Launches New California Dutchman's Feta


Bravo Farms Cheese adds California Dutchman’s Feta to its lineup. 

The Dutchman’s Feta is slightly creamy and finishes with a tart, sweet cow’s milk flavor.  It pairs well with nuts and vegetables because they compliment the flavor from the cow’s milk.  It can be crumbled on pizza, added to lasagna, or even stuffed inside chicken or peppers to roast in the oven. Dutchman’s Feta also elevates your salads and is good enough to eat it as a table cheese.

Bravo Farms was founded in 1979 and began cheese production in 1995.  It produces cheddar and Dutch style cheeses, according to a press release.

Bravo Farms Cheese is primarily available throughout California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and other U.S. States, and Dutchman's Feta is currently available in 30lb cheese buckets, 2/5lb blocks, 6/16oz and 12/8oz.

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