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Cabot<sup>®</sup> Creamery Launching Online

Cabot® Creamery Launching Online "Brown Bag Builder" to Help Build Better Lunches

Cabot® Creamery is making it easier for parents to build a healthier, better lunch for kids returning to school this year with its online “Brown Bag Builder.” Lunch is one of the most important things parents overlook when preparing their kids for the new school year, but with Cabot’s “Brown Bag Builder,” parents will no longer need to fret about making sure their children are eating healthy.

“Packing a lunch is something most of us, especially parents, have been doing nearly every day for years,” said Regan Jones, Cabot Health Team Member and Registered Dietitian. “It has become so routine that many people don’t stop to think about what we are putting in our kids’ lunch bags, much less our own. Any old sandwich just won’t do; a healthful lunch needs to have the right mixture of whole grains, protein-rich foods, veggies, fruit, and dairy. The good news for parents who want to build a better lunch for themselves and their children is that we all need the same foods, in slightly different amounts. Our new online Brown Bag Builder shows you how.”

Cabot suggests including lean protein (hummus, light cheddar, or leftover grilled chicken, for example) and whole grains (tortillas, buns, or muffins), as well as nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and dairy foods. With Brown Bag Builder, parents can construct the perfect lunch for their kids. The infographic provides the optimal portion sizes in each food group, and links to examples of healthful, filling foods, perfect for a packed lunch for both adults and kids, according to a press release.

“A lot of people ask me how they can avoid that sinking feeling that comes on around 3PM,” said Regan. “Often, what they’ve packed for lunch is the culprit.”

Check out Cabot’s Brown Bag Builder to see how you can construct the perfect lunch.

Cabot’s Brown Bag Builder

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