Clever Hen Offers a One Stop Shop

Clever Hen Offers a One Stop Shop

San Francisco, CA
Clever Hen, a family-owned business and purveyor of fine artisanal foods and products, has been receiving rave reviews for their non-traditional and innovative snack foods and products.

Their website is filled with customer testimonials raving their unique products and customer service. "I love this cheese. Itʼs fantastic. It has a very strong and creamy taste for a hard cheese. I mostly eat this cheese on crackers as a nice snack, but Iʼve also experimented with it in my cooking. So far itʼs been brilliant on both an apple walnut spring salad and in a blue cheese pasta. One of the best cheeses Iʼve ever had,” says one Clever Hen customer.

The company sells everything from baking and cooking supplies to cookies, crackers and cheeses which are fresh, natural and hand picked for the consumer. Clever Hen is also a strong advocate for the Slow Food Movement, which appeals for local, seasonal and sustainably grown wholesome foods.

Their website offers a one stop shop for artisanal food and unique savory experiences.
Clever Hen