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CEO Martijn Bos Takes Us Inside Boska Holland

CEO Martijn Bos Takes Us Inside Boska Holland

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Enjoy Life, Explore Cheese is Boska Holland's slogan.

Their mission is to bring people around the world sublime cheese moments with the coolest, most distributed Cheesewares® brand in the world. Since its founding in 1896, Boska has continued to develop sophisticated and professional tools to help cheese manufacturers and cheese lovers worldwide handle cheese. From the innovative cheese curler to the sturdy cheese grater, Boska’s collection of cheesewares has evolved over the past century to meet the needs of every consumer and of course, make eating cheese cool!

Boska Holland

We spoke with CEO Martijn Bos to learn more about the unique history behind this company…

Boska’s earnest beginnings started in the town of Bodegraven in the Dutch province Zuid-Holland. In the middle of this geographical “heart” of the Dutch cheese business – just a stone’s throw away from infamous Gouda – is where Willem Bos started his business, a blacksmith’s shop to help local cheese manufacturers and tradesmen develop professional tools to handle cheese.

Boska Workshop in 1896

As the company continued to expand, Willem’s son, Jan Willem Bos, and grandson, Joop Bos, joined the family business and helped grow the company with a housewares store in 1928 and a wholesale department in 1965. In 1978, Joop decided he wanted to specialize in professional cheesewares, and he started “Bos Kaasgereedschappen” (Dutch for “Bos Cheese Tools”). When Joop’s son, Martijn Bos, acquired the company from his father in 2002, he continued the business and changed the name to ‘Boska Holland.’ His dream is to reach the international consumer market with ‘Holland’ as a reference to the heart of the cheese market.

Three Generations of Bos Family Members

Who is your biggest influence in the cheese industry?

Martijn Bos, CEO, Boska Holland

Martijn tells Deli Market News, “All real cheeselovers and my father specifically have great influence on me. Boska is a true family company with strong roots and longstanding traditions and I am honored to continue what my family has built over the past hundred years. My father has all the knowledge in the world about cheese and cheese tools, and he continues to teach me the ‘tricks of the trade’ on a daily basis.”

“I am also very inspired by the cheese professionals I have met in the States, like the guys from Murray’s in New York. These people are so passionate about what they do and really set themselves apart in the industry. They know how to brand their name and make a statement – I consider them to be true ‘cheese heroes.’”

What’s something about you that would surprise people?

“That Gouda is an actual city in the Netherlands and I was born in it.”

Do you have a motto/mantra?

Business wise: “Cheese is COOL”

Personal: “Learn, Share & Grow”

Favorite hobby or cheese?

“I’m a very passionate windsurfer, love to throw parties, and enjoy a fine piece of gorgonzola dulce. If I can combine all three, that would be a perfect day!”

How do you hope to influence or impact other members in the cheese industry?

“It’s all captured in Boska’s WHY, HOW & WHAT. WHY do we get up in the morning: We want to make cheese cool! HOW do we do that: By sharing knowledge and inspire on how to explore and enjoy cheese in new and better ways. WHAT do we do: We create innovative and cool cheesewares for the purpose of exploring cheese and enjoying life!”

Thanks for joining us for this interview, Martijn!

Stay tuned to Deli Market News as we stay on the lookout for companies and executives to watch within the deli industry. 

Boska Holland

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