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Costco to Open First Location in Louisiana

Costco to Open First Location in Louisiana

New Orleans, LA
By Eric Anderson

Costco is opening its first warehouse in the state of Louisiana, bringing with it hundreds of new job opportunities.
Construction of the new warehouse began in January in the Carrollton area of New Orleans, near Carrollton Ave. and Palmetto St.

Costco said it will create about 200 new jobs with a full-time employee earning a salary of about $36,000 a year with full benefits.

The company is teaming up with Mayor Mitch Landrieu's Office of Economic Development and the city's Job1 program to explain the application process for residents, telling them how to apply and equipping them with tools to compete for the jobs, according to WDSU 6.

Aimee Quirk with the Office of Economic Development said there will be "maybe 5,000 to 8,000 people to apply for about 200 positions, so it's going to be very competitive. We want to give people an edge who are interested in participating."