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Cronut Creator Debuts the

Cronut Creator Debuts the "Milk and Cookie Shot"

NEW YORK, NY Is it just me or are more and more bakery treats getting crazier and crazier? Dominique Ansel, the creator of the infamous Cronut is debuting a new creative treat this Friday at 3 pm at his Soho bakery…the Milk & Cookie Shot. It’s a chocolate chip cookie shaped into a shot glass and filled with vanilla-infused milk. According to New York Post, the treat debuted last week at a South by Southwest party in Austin, Texas and drew a line that stretched for three blocks. Is this the next big baking phenomenon? New York Post also describes it as a “textbook-delicious chocolate cookie” that’s remarkably soft inside, with “just the right level of buttery-brown-sugary crunch on the outside.” The milk is “crisp and cold, a perfect foil to the cookie,” and it’s “subtly infused with vanilla and a touch of sugar – a creamy reminder of just how good milk has the potential to taste.” “People used to tell me French chefs can’t make good cookies, and I tried really hard to perfect mine,” says Ansel. But will it be as big as the Cronut? Although Ansel thinks it has potential, he notes, “It’s not about creating the next ‘big thing.’ It’s just about creating in general. Without any expectations.” It all sounds great, but I have to wonder what other crazy creations Ansel will come up with next! Dominique Ansel Bakery