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Dannon Launches Activia Greek Yogurt

Dannon Launches Activia Greek Yogurt

White Plains, NY-
By Delimarket.TV Staff

Dannon has introduced Activia Greek, a nonfat yogurt with the digestive benefits of Activia.

The yogurt that has zero percent fat and two times the protein of regular lowfat yogurt, containing 14 percent more daily value of protein than regular lowfat yogurt. The product is the only Greek nonfat yogurt with the exclusive probiotic Bifidus Regularis. Activia Greek helps regulate the digestive system. The yogurt comes in five styles: garden blueberry, strawberry patch, orchard peach, tropical fruit, and vanilla.

"Digestive health is important to overall well-being," said Steve Platt, vice president of marketing for Dannon's Activia brand. "With the introduction of Activia Greek, people who want to take care of their digestive system will no longer have to forgo the Activia benefit when choosing the taste and texture of Greek yogurt they've come to love."

Activia Greek is available in supermarkets nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $3.99 for a 4-pack of Activia Greek.