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Eckrich and John Morrell Food Group Donate Meals to the Community

Eckrich and John Morrell Food Group Donate Meals to the Community


Together with Platinum-selling country music singer Randy Houser, Eckrich and John Morrell Food Group are donating 12,350 pounds of protein to Feeding South Dakota, a division of Feeding America.

"It's great to see a partner of mine give back to their local community," said Houser. "It's an honor to take some time and help the people of Sioux Falls.  This is a tight-knit community and the people at Eckrich and John Morrell Food Group want to ensure it's an area that continues to thrive.  I am happy to be a part of today's event."

According to a press release, their donation will provide 14,000 meals to families in need throughout South Dakota and specifically those in Sioux Falls. 

"Agriculture is the foundation of economic vitality for Sioux Falls, and John Morrell and Company has led the way in that effort. Stewardship is also a huge part of the John Morrell story and this wonderful donation of critical protein takes their care and concern of South Dakotans to an all new level," says Mayor Mike Huether.

"Sioux Falls is not just a city where John Morrell Food Group employees work, but a city where they live, their children go to school and where they are active in the community," agreed Ken Baptist, Vice President and General Manager.  "We want to ensure that we not only give back to the community, but make it stronger and help those in need of aid.  We are grateful for Feeding South Dakota, Randy (Houser) and Mayor Huether in helping us make that happen today."

According to a press release, the donation was made during a “Block Party” at John Morrell's Sioux Falls plant. Houser performed during the party, entertaining employees with a selection of his hit songs.

I have to say that it's great to see Eckrich and John Morrell giving back to the community like this. Feeding the hungry is truly a great cause to get behind.


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