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Four Kroger Associates Named Certified Cheese Professionals

Four Kroger Associates Named Certified Cheese Professionals

The Kroger Co. has announced that four of its associates have been named Certified Cheese Professionals™ by the American Cheese Society.

Kroger associates Marcella Wright (Portland, OR), Mark Lucier (Cincinnati, OH), Logan Class (Dayton, OH), and Brandon Schilling (Atlanta, GA) have joined the ranks of an elite group of 253 individuals who have passed the Certified Cheese Professional™ Exam, according to a press release.

“We are proud of Marcella, Mark, Logan, and Brandon for dedicating themselves to their craft and sharing their passion for cheese with our customers,” said Margaret McClure, Kroger’s Vice President of Deli/Bakery. “Their designation as Certified Cheese Professionals is an inspiration to Kroger’s many talented cheese stewards who take pride in delighting our customers.”

The exam was created by the American Cheese Society to promote the large and comprehensive world of cheese and encourage food industry professionals to master the knowledge.

DeliMarket TV congratulates Marcella, Mark, Logan, and Brandon on this great accomplishment!

American Cheese Society