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Giant Eagle Introduces Market District Express Format

Giant Eagle Introduces Market District Express Format


Giant Eagle is experimenting with a new format that will combine the best of its supermarket stores with the convenience of its GetGo stores. Market District Express, which recently opened in McMurray, PA, is a 15,500 square-foot restaurant-pharmacy-market that will revolutionize how people think about the average market.

"As a company, Giant Eagle is always looking for ways to continue to enhance and expand our multi-format strategy to anticipate and exceed ever-evolving customer needs," said Giant Eagle CEO Laura Karet. "Market District Express is the next step in the development of our concepts, combining a modern dining experience in a contemporary rustic atmosphere, with a grocery selection that allows area customers to shop close for their everyday needs."

“People expect good food on the go,” said Jeff Lenard, vice president, strategic industry initiatives at the National Association of Convenience Stores in Alexandria, VA. Although Lenard hasn’t seen the new concept, he noted that the past decade has seen a considerable blurring of the lines between grocers, convenience stores, and other formats.

Indeed, other major retailers such as Walmart and Kroger are also trying modern takes on the old neighborhood market, according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We really think this is going to be a local neighborhood store,” said Rob Borella, senior director of corporate communications.

So how will the concept revolutionize the average neighborhood market? The layout of the store carefully separates departments that will make sure those who are going in for groceries aren’t impeded by those simply enjoying their friends’ company at the prepared foods counters or the restaurant, for example. “Lines are a convenience store’s enemy,” said Lenard. Imagine filling your cart with fresh produce items while being able to grab a convenient to-go snack in the store's restaurant all in the same place.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that although the grocer considers this location a test, the company already has plans to add two Market District Express locations in Ohio, one in the Columbus area, and the other in the Cleveland area, an indication of the confidence officials have that they’ve got something consumers want. There are now 8 Market District stores companywide, with the ninth planned in Strongsville, OH. The new store will employ about 120 people, which compares to 300 to 350 at a traditional Giant Eagle store, 500 to 600 at a full-size Market District grocery, and 25 to 30 at a GetGo convenience store.

Will this become the next big thing in neighborhood markets?

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