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Healthy Ones New Packaging, Logo, and Meat Varieties for 2014

Healthy Ones New Packaging, Logo, and Meat Varieties for 2014


Healthy Ones is debuting an updated logo, easy-to-read packaging graphics, and new deli meat varieties for early 2014.

“We’re very excited about the updates we’ve made to the Healthy Ones Deli brand,” said Elizabeth Di John, brand manager for Healthy Ones, noting that the company’s updates to its packaging graphics will make its products easier for consumers to shop at the deli counter.

The company’s deli packaging now includes a cleaner design, a more contemporary logo, and a focus on highlighting fresh ingredients, according to a press release. Healthy Ones has also moved nutritional information to the front of all its bulk deli products to easily provide consumers with the proper information they need to construct a healthy diet for themselves and their families.

This January, be on the lookout for Healthy Ones’ new Mediterranean Style Turkey Breast, Tuscan Roasted Turkey Breast, and Cracked Black Pepper Turkey Breast at the deli counter in grocery stores nationwide.

As the company looks towards the future, its deli meats will continue to be made with lean tender cuts of chicken, turkey, and roast beef. Its hams will stay cooked in their natural juices and all of the products remain low in sodium and certified by the American Heart Association.

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