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Kayem Launches New Artisan Sausage Line

Kayem Launches New Artisan Sausage Line


Kayem Foods has launched a new all-natural Artisan Sausage line that includes flavors like Fire-Roasted Pepper Jack and Pineapple Uncured Bacon and more traditional options like Andouille and Sweet Pepper Provolone.

They are made with premium cuts of pork sirloin blended with natural ingredients like pineapple, uncured bacon and fire-roasted jalapeño peppers, according to a press release.  These sausages are also fully cooked and easy to prepare.

"As a brand that has always prided itself on being the New England go-to brand for grilling, Kayem is very excited to move towards becoming a go-to brand in the kitchen," said Bob Kufferman, Kayem Senior Brand Manager. "At Kayem, we always strive to create unique flavors and products that can be easily prepared and enjoyed by all of our fans, and our new Artisan Sausage line is a great example of this. These Artisan Sausages can be simply cooked on the grill or prepped in the kitchen in a variety of unique recipes to be enjoyed by the whole family."

Kayem Foods is the largest meat processor in New England and offers over 100 varieties of hot dogs and 300 varieties of deli meats, sausage and dinner hams.

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