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Kitchen Table Bakers VP, Seth Novick, Talks All Things Parmesan Crisp

Kitchen Table Bakers VP, Seth Novick, Talks All Things Parmesan Crisp


Kitchen Table Bakers™ has gone from a family kitchen to a company with a diverse portfolio of Parmesan Crisps. I spoke with Seth Novick, Kitchen Table Bakers Vice President, about the origins of the company and what’s next on the horizon.

“We started out as a no-carb product in 2003 when my dad was on the Atkins diet. People really liked the way that it tasted, so we took it to a local health food store and let manager try it, and the rest was history,” Seth told me.

In the 10 years that Kitchen Table Bakers has been in operation, its product line has grown from its original Parm Crisps, a sofi™ Award winner in 2010, to 11 additional unique flavors, including Rosemary, Chia Seed, Everything and Jalapeno.

“When we first started, we had one flavor, and people liked them. We were from New York and we like bagels. It evolved from there,” Seth told me with a bit of a laugh.

He added that the company generally releases a new flavor once every year at least. To decide which flavors to try, Kitchen Table Bakers tracks trends like flax and chia and does a lot of consumer testing at events like the Fancy Food Show.

New flavors are not the only innovations that the company is working on. Seth tells me, “We are venturing more into the snack stand up pouch. It leaves a smaller footprint and a lower price point.”

With innovation on the way and nationwide distribution in place, Kitchen Table Bakers is looking confidently into the future.

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