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Land O’Lakes Features A Year of Simple Goodness Web Experience

Land O’Lakes Features A Year of Simple Goodness Web Experience


Land O'Lakes has launched a web experience called “A Year of Simple Goodness,” which shows where the butter and dairy brand's products come from as well as a bit about the lives of three farm families who help make them. This effort was created by Colle + McVoy ad agency, which said it wanted to modernize the brand and make it relevant to younger consumers, according to ClickZ.

A Colle + McVoy representative describes this as "real moments and sentiments of the family members through all four seasons." This online experience includes video, audio, and images, which collectively tell a story for each family.

The site initially launched in August with spring and summer as the only seasons available, and as the year has progressed it has released additional seasons. These efforts have been augmented by Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram content which include images and recipes.

According to Jamie Moran, account director for Land O'Lakes at Colle + McVoy, Land O'Lakes includes roughly 1,000 coop members across the U.S. The brand has chosen to feature "families that have kids in our sweet spot for the target audience and that were willing to let us into their homes and experience what life is like on the farm."

"The notions about simplicity, hard work, doing the right thing [and] wanting the best for your kids are all universal themes [and are reflected on the site]." said Mike Caguin, chief creative officer at Colle + McVoy.

The site's target is 35-to-44-year-old moms of school-age kids, who use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Land O'Lakes - A Year of Simple Goodness