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Lucky's Market Announces That It Will Be Expanding With Five New Grocery Locations

Lucky's Market Announces That It Will Be Expanding With Five New Grocery Locations


Lucky's Market is expanding again, announcing plans to open five new locations over the coming year. Bloomington, ID; Ann Arbor, MI; Rock Hill, MO; Jackson Hole, WY; and Iowa City, IA will be the latest homes to this Boulder, CO-based organic and natural foods grocery chain.

Ben Friedland, Creative Manager for Lucky's Market, shared with the Iowa City Press-Citizen that Lucky's goal was to bring its mantra of “good food for all” to a wider audience of American consumers.

"We want to be able to bring it more to the masses, and sometimes there is this perception out there that natural and organic food cannot be affordable, so we are out there to kind of change that perception to let people know it can be affordable," he said. "We're not just about being in a community, but being a part of a community and local is one way we can do that.”

The announcement is already being greeted with excitement from these local communities.

"I am excited because I love their concept. I have visited many of their stores, They are great people to work with. They have great products, and it's just a perfect fit for Iowa City," said Iowa City Marketplace Vice President John Arlotti.

Friedland also shared that 90% of the products sold at the new Iowa City location will be all natural and organic, keeping with Lucky's Market's vision of being a leading local provider of healthy, natural foods, according to Iowa City Press-Citizen.

Stay tuned to DeliMarket TV for more updates on this planned expansion.

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